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Meditation for a Healthy Mind

Our mind is the essence of our being. The faculty that perceives the world of our senses and makes us feel alive. What are we without our mind? Flesh and blood. Our perception, experiences, feelings, and the ability to think and act are all processed by our mind. If the mind is getting used to its optimum, then it is our responsibility to keep this mind healthy and strong.

The characteristics of a healthy mind are:

  • not scattered all over the place

  • not in the past nor in the future

  • is focused and productive

  • is at the peak of its creativity

But, nowadays these traits are not sustainable. What takes away the luxury of experiencing a healthy mind every day is stress. Stress is responsible for making a mind dull and triggering emotional and physical problems. Have you noticed how easily someone can get you to shout when you are already stressed?

On the contrary, a healthy mind keeps you calm and composed even in troubled times. You are able to enjoy what you are doing now, be it reading this article, getting a report done in time, or walking your dog. It strengthens your relationships with people. In fact, your mind is so powerful that it can also affect your physical and emotional health. You are more likely to fall ill when you are stressed because your immune system weakens

If you can manage your mind, you can manage everything else — relationships, career, health, you name it. And meditation can help you do it, in within a few minutes, wherever you are. Combat stress with meditation: an age-old technique that can make you feel fresh and joyful every moment. Meditation is one of the most effective ways to keep your mind healthy. Just as we maintain dental hygiene by brushing regularly, meditation can be our tool to maintain mental hygiene.

Let’s see how:

1. Meditation for a stress-free mind

Do you feel that your lifestyle is a cause of stress and anxiety? Does your mind feel heavy and burdened all the time, as if it is caught in a web of thoughts? Do you want to break free from everything that is holding you back? If yes, then meditation is the right thing for you. It will relax your mind instantly no matter where you are. It will de-stress you, refresh you, and fill you with enthusiasm that you can tap anytime. It helps in the regeneration of the brain cells that get affected due to stress. Just a few minutes of meditation every day can be the energy booster that can help you stand up to life’s challenges with greater ease and confidence.

2. Meditation For An Uncluttered Mind

Do you remember how, when you were a kid, your teacher would erase the blackboard before she’d write on it again? Our mind is quite like that blackboard. To fill it with new and innovative thoughts, we need to erase unwanted ones from it first. It is here that meditation plays a pivotal role in clearing our mind of past impressions. Meditation keeps our mind fresh and focused in the now. Without a doubt, this will help us excel in whatever we are doing since the present moment is the field of all activities.

3. Meditation for a sharper mind

Our mind is equipped with unimaginable potential. It can store more than what you can even imagine and meditation can help you sharpen this ability. Meditation channelizes your thoughts in a positive direction and gives you clarity of mind. When your mental power is channelized, focused, and clear, you are able to gauge and retain for much longer what you perceive with your senses. And even before you realize it, you will start retaining and recollecting many things you couldn’t easily remember before.

4. Meditation for a younger mind

Just as we need food for energy, we need meditation too. In meditation, we are able to re-energize ourselves, again and again, whenever we want. Meditation saves us from the decline of cognitive abilities. As time progresses, all of us might experience some degree of decline in brain cells, which affects us physically and mentally. These changes are forgetfulness, lack of focus, and decrease in problem-solving ability among others. If age is coupled with high levels of stress, the cognitive decline might even lead to depression, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and so on.

Meditation is one of the best techniques to counteract this decline. It helps in regeneration of the brain cells that are aging with every minute. It cleanses negative vibrations and fills us with joy and enthusiasm. Then, age remains just a number. Read tips to slow down your aging clock.

5. Meditation for a sharper intuition

People who meditate tend to have a greater and better intuitive sense. Whispered thoughts manifest in our minds and there are even subtler thoughts that we can only feel. These subtler thoughts originate from a space that is pure and unaffected by experiences and impressions. These subtle thoughts are what we call intuition. Meditation removes unwanted thoughts and the stress that is covering our intuitive sense so that we are able to listen to our intuition and make sound decisions in life.

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