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Sunday, June 23, 2024 @ 10 - 11.30 am Saturday, June 29, 2024 @ 2 - 3.30 pm Sunday, July 7, 2024 @ 11 - 12.30 pm Saturday, July 13, 2024 @ 2 - 3.30 pm

Venue: 433 Race Course Road

MindSpa - a comprehensive experience designed to manage stress and enhance well-being under the Wellness Festival by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). 

Experience the power of breathing activities, gentle stretches, and mindful movements designed to restore balance and clarity. Dive deep into self-awareness finding peace amidst life's chaos. The sessions include the following:

Mindfulness Practices: Techniques to enhance awareness and presence, fostering a calm and focused mind.

Breath Work: Scientifically proven breathing exercises to reduce stress and increase energy levels.

Guided Meditation: Expert-led meditation techniques to help participants achieve deep relaxation.

Personal Reflection: Time to reflect and integrate the benefits of the session into daily lives.

42 Years
of transforming lives 
180 Countries 
where our programs made a difference
10,000+ Centers
500M+ Lives
touched through our courses & events
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